Recruitment and Employer branding

  • Assessment center developed for your specific position requirements
  • Recruitment for specialist and management (incl. CEO-1) positions
  • On-site recruiter to support you in your recruitment volumes
  • Complete outsourcing of your Recruitment process – Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Design and rollout of your Employer Brand
We specialize in providing recruitment services in the following functions: Sales, Engineering and technical, Finance, HR, Procurement, Legal, IT support, Supply chain. We work across the majority of the levels in the organization, except for production workers and new hires without any previous experience.

Engineering and Technical
Human Resources
Supply chain
C-level positions
Management positions (managers of other managers, 1-st line managers)
Expert positions (with 3+ years of experience)

Our candidate selection methodology

Our candidate selection methodology includes the following 5 steps, starting with planning of the work to follow-up to candidates and our Client:

  • A single point of contact for all recruiting-related issues
  • Effective recruiting marketing to attract talented candidates
  • Ability to attract, screen and provide a diversified candidate base
  • Applicant tracking and reporting
  • Manage Client’s specific talent assessment tools as requested by our Client
  • Designated process for escalation to Quality Assurance

Additional methods:

Direct Search for additional candidate sourcing

The methodology consists of creating of list of source profiles in industries and companies that are either in the same or in a related field of professional competences as the Client. The list is then discussed, integrated and agreed with Client and HRCP proceeds with approaching the decided profiles in an efficient and confidential way.

Assessment Centres for candidate selection – can be used to speed-up the recruitment process to assess several candidates at once for interpersonal competencies

We develop different Assessment Centres for different profiles, and we develop specific role-play, cases, tasks, etc. for each different profile and set of competencies expected by candidates.
The assessment centre must be linked to the job profile and must evaluate specific competencies that are identified through a Job analysis process:
- Reviewing the job description, competency models, competency profiles, recruitment profiles
- Observation
- Manager interviews
- Incumbent interviews

The client / hiring manager must confirm the required competencies and must provide sign-off at each stage of the design and development.